The Economic Development Roadmap for PemaGatshel Dzongkhag

Mon, 25 March 2024
Mon, 25 March 2024
DT Hall

A momentous day in PemaGatshel as the Economic Development Roadmap for the Dzongkhag was deliberated, reviewed and finalised today.

The Economic Development Roadmap for PemaGatshel Dzongkhag was developed by a consultant under the BioFin project under the Sustainable Delevlopment Strategy initiative. The major thrust areas identified, based on the Dzongkhag’s comparative advantage, are water resources, tourism and RNR. This Roadmap will now be integrated into the Dzongkhag’s 13th FYP and aligned with the 7 KRAs.

Further, certain activities under DLGP-II with Helvetas funding will be amalgamated with the BioFin project as part of our coordination efforts in order to avoid duplication of efforts and resources.

The Dzongkhag administration is grateful to the DLG&DM, Helvetas-Bhutan, UNDP and MoF for the financial and technical support.