Zobel Gewog

Zobel Gewog is located in the Northern part of Pemagatshel Dzongkhag with an altitude ranging from 800-2400m above sea level that covers an area of approximately 63 sq km. The Gewog consists of 5 chiwogs namely Khenadang, Resinang, Tshelinggor, Zobel, and Ngangmalang. Zobel Gewog has a total population of 2760 consisting of 385 households. The Gewog center is connected by a 32km farm road from the Dzongkhag Administration. The main production produced in Zobel includes growing maize and potatoes. The Gewog also grows cole crops, cereals, and peanuts.  Zobel Gewog has a total number of 8 staff including Gup, five Tshogpa, mangmi, and a Gewog administration officer. There are basic infrastructures like the Public Health Center, Five OCR centers, one ERC, and two ECCD, a total of 58 chorten. In addition, it has one LSS that has a total of 140 students and 14 staff. 




No institutions in this Gewog.