Inauguration of Milk Processing Unit at Woongchilo

17 July 2020


As a response to counter Covid-19 the Milk Processing Unit (MPU) was made operational in order to meet the increasing demand for the Butter and Cheese in the Dzongkhag. Dairying was part of livelihood for people of Woogchilo besides mass potato cultivation for the income generation. The Farmyard manure production for the mass potato plantation and summer vegetable cultivation is the part of farming system integration with Dairy commodity. Therefore, Dairy farming is not new to the communities. 

However, Milk produced at the individual household level were either churned for the consumption or sale informally to the local market without contributing income significantly for them. The cost of production as an individual was much higher which has discouraged them doing Dairy business. Moreover, with less knowledge and skill development in Dairy processing the community has never thought Dairying can be enterprising venture.