Chongshing gewog is located in the central part of the Dzongkhag with an altitude ranging between 250-2500m with total area of approximately 249 square kilometer. The gewog consist of 5 chiwogs namely Guyum-La-Nangzor, Maendi, Thongsa, Kamri-Yomzor and Chongshing-Jorphoong with a total of 12 villages. It has a population of about 2287 with 222 households. The Gewog center is connected by 18 Kms Gewog Connectivity Road from Denchi. The settlements patterns are sparsely distributed. Tseri and dry land cultivation dominate the agriculture land use with no wetland farming. Maize is grown as the main staple crop with vegetables grown for self consumption. Mandarin and potato are other two main cash crop grown. The Gewog is known for producing Thongsa Kamthama (weaving with locally available raw materials), Dhung and Jaling which are the source of income. There are ten staff in the gewog administration which includes Gup, Mangmi, Gewog administrative officer, five Tshogpas, Geydrung and a caretaker. The gewog center is located at Ngangsingma with one Gewog Office, 1 RNR center with three RNR staffs, one Primary School, two sub post and five community lhakhangs with 66 Chortens.